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Some of the top iPhone apps are aimed at taking

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Investigators at MSK are continuing to focus on the influence of nutrition, integrative medicine, and exercise in improving patients’ well being during and after treatment as well as their cancer outcomes. Digital health and telemedicine are another exciting frontier in cancer management and research, Dr. Norton says.

Banner Health has access to its own photo library. Images of our facilities, physicians, leaders, technology and even some stock photos, can be shared with media. Banner may have access to pictures involving patients that require written consent per federal regulations.

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One of the pick of the bunch is the Battery Doctor Pro. Since the iPhone is such a great convergence device, like a Swiss Army Phone, why not throw in some flashlight functionality with these iPhone Flashlight Apps?The iPhone has always doubled up as a great camera and the latest version, the iPhone 4 has dual cameras. Some of the top iPhone apps are aimed at taking advantage of this functionality.

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